My story

In half a year I will be 35 years old. Never did I think it was possible to do what I’ve done in what I feel has been such a short part of my life. I am wired to work hard starting at a very young age on the ranch, all throughout my childhood and onward. Loading stock feed/hay and building fence where my two jobs aside from working on the ranch and fitting in rodeo and basketball any chance I could. In the winter snow boarding kept me on my feet and still one of my favorite things to date.  Horses and rodeo will always be something I love and miss truly every day.  That life is truly one that I i hope to live again when the season is right.  Ranch life taught me so much and continues to do so even after all these years away from home.  Before joining the service I was going to college pursuing a degree in criminal justice and playing basketball on a scholarship.  On a whim I hopped on a puddle jumper to Denver Colorado to see what this military talk was all about. Within minuets well, the rest is pretty obvious.

Stationed all over the US living in 14 different places since 2004 when I joined the Coast Guard.  After 10 years as a medic and an amazing decade of life well spent and meeting my amazing husband who is also currently active as a rescue swimmer in the Coast Guard, I experienced an incredibly traumatic injury to my spine.  At the time, competitively competing in crossfit competitions and kicking ass at regional invites, coaching an array of different athletes all over the globe, my life instantly changed. years of pain and suffering and never quitting and here I am 5 years later to share my story.  A pretty crazy story. A story of love, defeat, depression, fear, rare occurrences, and so many crazy memories that will remain dee within my soul. Most importantly a story that has certainly given me multiple second chances at life after going through so much.

I’m finally back with a different purpose. One that I hope will inspire and bring light to others who have battled loss, injury, depression, chronic pain, negative doctors, and so much more.  Through it all, a mother to two beautiful little boys and two crazy birth stories, a wife to the most incredible man on the planet ❤  Stay a while and i hope you enjoy my story ❤